With around two months left for the announcement of the FIFA Golden Ball Award 2016, we have the three candidates:
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
  • Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona)
  • Antoine Griezmann (Atletico de Madrid)
The three have two common elements: they all play in the Spanish League - La Liga, & obviously are contracted by Spanish Football Clubs.

Golden Ball Candidates 2016

The favourite is Cristiano Ronaldo, but the great performances by Lionel Messi may give us the "big surprise". Griezmann seems almost certain to be 3º rd behind the other mega cracks.

The right to vote are for an elected journalist from each of the 211 federations recognized by FIFA.


The last two Spanish Football Clubs with UEFA Champions League Group qualifier duties tonight both finished with positive results. Here are short summaries with goalscorers & the final results.

Champions League

FC Barcelona hosted Manchester City & won 4 - 0. Manchester City Coach Guardiola was brought in this season to lift the English Club to a higher level with top European Clubs. If Barça is the perfect benchmark, Guardiola & his City has more work to do if they wish to get passed the "working end" of Champions League phases.

The handicap of being left with 10 men, after goalie Bravo was sent off, did not help. But the "party crasher" was Messi who was outstanding & scored a HAT-TRICK. The other scorer was Neymar who made up for his missed penalty.

Here are the goals:

1-0, 16': Messi,
2-0, 60': Messi, 
3-0, 68': Messi, 
4-0, 88': Neymar

Champions League Atletico Madrid

Atletico de Madrid travelled to Russia to play Rostov & won 0 - 1. Good result as playing away at Russia is always uncomfortable.

Deserved victory for Atletico which could have scored more had they finished their numerous goal opportunities. The only goal & winner came in the 61st min through in form player Yannik Carrasco.

The win puts At Madrid top of the group 3 points ahead of Bayern Munich.


UEFA Champions League night with two Spanish Football Clubs scheduled with Group qualifiers. Here is a brief summary of both teams, along with the goalscorers & final results.

Real Madrid Champions League

Real Madrid hosted Polish Club Legla of Warsaw & won 5 - 1. A good result with moments of ordinary & slack play by the Spaniards. The Real defence was stretched & stressed by the Poles during periods as the more offensive Real Madrid midfield ( Asensio / James Rodriguez) set up tonight tore the midfield in half to give Legla spaces. The mentioned midfielders are not accustomed to defending in block & at times left wide open Toni Kroos.

Coach Zidane "fixed" this mid 2º half with Lucas Vazquez & Morata coming on when Real Madrid was most suffering.

But Real Madrid has more stars & World Class players which were enough to defeat an enthusiastic but average Polish team. Legla created chances but did not finish with their only goal a penalty from a "silly" Danilo tackled.

Here are how the goals fell:

1-0 Bale (16')
2-0 Jodlowiec (o.g.)(19')
2-1 Radovic (21')
3-1 Asensio (37')
4-1 Lucas Vázquez (68')
5-1 Morata (84')

Cristiano Ronaldo had a terrible night ( relatively ) with goal, missing some clear chances. But tonight his big achievement were his assists - up to 3 - which at a collective level is excellent. 

Uefa Champions League Sevilla FC

Excellent win by Sevilla FC 0 - 1 away to Dynamo Zagreb. The Spaniards were superior to the Croatian team who looked good at the latter part of the encounter.

On loan player Nasri was the star tonight scoring the winner in the 31st min. The problematic player appears to be finding a "new opportunity" with Sevilla which is good news.

Vietto missed a clear opportunity for Sevilla for the 2º goal. Sevilla is close to securing next phase Champions League qualification.


British paper "Daily Mail" has published its list of the "Best 10 Football Players on the Planet". A subjective list that can be perfectly be debated with an over emphasis on forward position players, & may I add,  some over-rated players.

It is obvious that "goal" is the heart of Football & that image, along with Marketing overshadows pure talent. That´s Football,  & that´s today culture.

What is again highlighted however is the dominance of Spanish Football: its Liga & its Club Clubs. As seen on the list Real Madrid & FC Barcelona dominate with players

Spain Football

The list of 10 are:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo ( Real Madrid )
  • Leo Messi ( FC Barcelona)
  • Neymar (FC Barcelona)
  • Luis Suarez ( FC Bareclona)
  • Gareth Bale ( Real Madrid)
  • Aguero (Manchester City)
  • Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)
  • Neuer ( Bayern Munich)
  • Iniesta (FC Barcelona)
  • Pogba (Manchester United)
Do you agree?

I put forward the following questions, where is Griezmann? Godin ? Modric or even Toni Kroos?

In my opinion, Neymar is the "Worlds most overrated player" , along side Pogba. Plus Ibrahimovic is simply a "joke" to be placed on this list.


Its the most anticipated & biggest Football game in World Soccer, "El Clasico" between Spanish Football Clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF. These are the games that habitually eventually settle the outcome of the Liga Championship. A victory over the eternal rival enables one or the other a sufficient points margin for the Championship title.

Spanish Football - El Clasico

Today the first of the Liga 2016 - 2017 season "El Clasico" games has been announced. Take note:

FC Barcelona - Real Madrid
Date: 3rd of December

Time. 16:15 (4:15 pm) Spanish local time

There you have it. No excuses to miss the coverage.

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