What was the owner of Italian Football Club Inter Milan, Jindong Zhang, doing in Madrid with Real Madrid President Florentino Perez? The correct reply is visiting the Real Madrid Football Training "City" of "Valdebebas". Proof is the photo uploaded today in the Inter Milan Twitter account as seen below. 

Real Madrid

Italian & local Sports media speculate that one of the prime reasons of the visit by Zhang was to discuss Colombian midfielder JAMES RODRIGUEZ. The rumour mill is currently hot with speculation that Inter Milan is going after the Real Madrid player & perhaps there was some negotiations going on. Real Madrid will not let go the Colombian for less that 60-70M€ so the discussion may take some time to find a "common ground".

We are sure talks will continue tonight in a fancy restaurante with some excellent Spanish wine. Stay tuned! 


Spanish Football Club Real Madrid has announced this week the signing of Brazilian youngster 17 year old Augusto GalVan from Brazilian Club Sao Paolo. The young midfielder is considered to be one of Brazilian Football great promises with an anticipated brilliant future.

Spanish Club Real Madrid signing

Galvan will travel to Madrid this Summer & initially play in the Real Madrid B ( & youth) team, "Castilla". The idea is that the player adapt himself to European Football & more importantly to the new culture & lifestyle.

The price of the operation is rumoured to be around 3M€, a bargain if you consider that if it is correct that Galvan is destined to be the next "great thing", his market price could sky-rocket in coming years.

Real Madrid has not been too lucky with their Brazilian signings in the last seasons. Many have not lived up to expectations & failed when coming over to Spanish & European Football, last case Lucas Silva. We will need to see how Galvan evolves in coming seasons.


UEFA Champions League tonight with Spanish Football Club Atletico de Madrid winning 2 - 4 German Club Bayern Laverkusen in the 1º leg away match. Good result for the Spaniards to take back to Madrid for the 2º leg game in two weeks, but suffered in the last 30 mins as the Germans had their moments.

At Madrid Champions League

Atletico de Madrid set the foundations for the victory in the first half which was dominated by them as they attacked in waves. The German defenders mistakes did not help, while the goal posts did on the overhand as the scoreline could have been significant in favour of Atletico.

The opener for Atletico & the match was a magical piece of individual play by midfielder Saul which curved the ball from outside the box to score in the 17th min. Then the Atletico de Madrid French forwards ripped the German defence with speed & touches as each found each other to create chances. Gameiro handed Griezmann the second goal in the 25th min, & later Griezmann & Gamneiro failed various chances to keep Bayern alive going into the 2ºhalf.

At Madrid

The 2º half started well for Bayern with their first goal caming in the 48th min through Bellarabi catching the Spaniards asleep. Atletico de Madrid reacted well & kept attacking with speed & finding the space until Kevin Gameiro earned himself a penalty, which he transformed in the 58th min.

Then things got complicated as Bayern Laverkusen regained control & put Atletico on the ropes. The chances began to arrive & from a wing cross the Spanish goalie Moya pushed away  the ball to see it bounce back into the goal from a deflection from team-mate Savic. It looked as if the Germans were on their way for the equalizer when Atletico Coach Simeone made some chances ( in Thomas, Torres & Correa) to give his team oxygen.

The Germans pressured & got close to the equalizer, when in the 86th min a cross from Croatian right-back Varsaljko found the head of Fernando Torres to score & secure the victory for At.Madrid. Bayern Laverkusen received a moral blow as they saw the equalizer close, but it escaped in a glimpse.

Although At Madrid suffered & had some "scary moments" the victory was just and well earned. Bayern Laverkusen showed pride, will & had their some magical moments, opportunities they did not capitalize on.


UEFA Champions League matches tonight with Spanish Football Club Real Madrid in action against Italian Club Napoli in the 1º leg away game in Madrid. Final result 3-1 for Real Madrid which goes into the 2º leg with a handy advantage. 

Real Madrid Champions

Just result as Real Madrid was the better team most of the match. There were the typical scares for this type of Top level Football, one being the early goal by Napoli. Italian forward Insigne whipped a long range shot that bounced & caught Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas "asleep" & off his line.

A surprise goal in the 7th min that caught everyone off guard & it seemed that the Italians were to do big things. On the contrary, Real Madrid took control and commenced their comeback.

Real Madrid Champions

The equalizer came from Benzema who headed in a Carvajal cross in the 16th min. The second goal came in the 48th min through a pin point shot from Toni Kross, with the third a "screamer" volley from Casemiro in the 53rd min. 

Three goals, enough for the victory & half way to the Q/Final stage. I say half-way because there is the return match in Italy that could bring surprises. But if things follow their normal course Real Madrid should solve this elimination.


UEFA Champions League Football returned tonight with Spanish Football Club FC Barcelona travelling to Paris for their 1º leg away game against Paris St Germain. The final result a crushing 4 - 0 defeat at the hands of the locals which put in a brilliant performance to put Barça on the verge of elimination.

FC Barcelona will need to defeat PSG in the 2º leg 5 - 0, with the French not scoring at all to keep themselves alive. Watching tonight's match & the performance by Barça, a difficult endeavour indeed.

Goal against FC Barcelona

Paris St Germain over ran, out played, out strengthen, out smarted & out scored the Spaniards in a disastrous night for the visitors. Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez were not seen & did not contribute at all, zero. Neymar showed glimpses of light, but was held & kept under control while Barcelona lost the midfield from the kick-off.

Without the midfield, Barça was lost & could not feed their forwards. Instead the French controlled & spent most of the night in the half of Barcelona. Names to mention as outstanding: Varatti, Rabiot, Matuidi, Drexler, Di Maria, Cavani ... basically the whole PSG team. 

Little to say about FC Barcelona as they were unrecognised and suffered the "medicine" they usually serve out to other teams. They did hit the bar in the late part of the match through Umtiti, but little more; that "life-saver" drifted pass them as well.

Harsh result for Barça that will send shock-waves Worldwide, while an impressive & well worked victory for the French. Excellent & almost perfect match from them tonight. 

PSG - FC Barcelona

Final Score: Paris St Germain 4 - FC Barcelona 0

  • Di Maria (free-kick) , 19th min
  • Drexler, 40th min
  • Di Maria, 55th min
  • Cavani 71st min

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